This is an attempt to present an honest, albeit limited, view of humankind as noneotherthan you or I, i.e., ordinary "us" trying to find our way along with a minimum of damage, and maybe a little bit of good.

Humanity has been for quite some time "under the gun," so to speak. Communities have become subservient to this warlord to prevent from becoming subservient to that warlord. The patriotism and glorification of this or that faction - with all its flags and banners and shiny things - often decided by which side of the river you're from.

Through a history of hierarchical evolution, the warlords have become nation-states, vested under the ministry of whatever elected or otherwise official.

At each level in the process, a little community is lost; a little more power slips away from the average noneother than "us" and winds up in the hand with the gun.

Humanity has really not changed that much. But now there's more of it. The gun, too, gets bigger. And there are a lot more of them going around.

How did violence become the main thing here? No doubt, it is part of our psyche, as is love and compassion; we care for our children and parents. These are the virtues of community.

So who put violence on top? More importantly, how do we get on top of it?

I wish on these webpages to present an undercurrent of history not often taught in the schools or thought about much - a history of humanity that has formed on the basis of values such as family and community, and not as a means to merely conquer and rob.

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